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Merge Failure / Data Corruption after Update 7

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Product Name  arcserve D2D
arcserve D2D Task   Backup Operation, Merge
arcserve D2D category   D2D Server - General


Merge failure and possible data corruption after applying Update 7.  Fix RO53648 should be applied as soon as possible.

Please note that this fix addresses a data corruption problem.  This fix does not repair the the corruption but prevents it from occurring. If this fix is applied after the problem described in fix RO53648 occurred, then a new full backup is required!  Also note that data from the corrupted recovery points cannot be recovered.

If a merge job fails or crashes after finishing at least 10% in update7, user may continuously receive merge/backup/restore errors.  In update7, merge can resume from previous failed or crashed merge job. Idx file will be rolled back in a resumed merge job.


 [Date Time] : CDynamicVHD2::CopyIndexFile(4699)RollBack SIBAT idx ...\VStore\S00000000xx\disk0578866163.D2D.idx.mrg succeeded.

 After that, user may receive errors in the following merge/backup/restore job:

AFStorxxxx.log for merge error:

 [Date Time] : [Merge] CD2DRWMerger::ReadBlock: Failed to read raw block: 692626, Err: 2

 [Date Time] : [Merge] CD2DRWMerger::ReadBlock: SiBat in session ...\VStore\S00000000XX: SI=0, BAT=2059531

 [Date Time] : [Merge] CN2ODiskChain::MergeDisk: Failed to read block 692626.Err=2

 [Date Time] : CPurgeSession::ExecutePurge(1567)Execute purge steps failed, Error code:2

 [Date Time] : SafePurgeSession(2334)ExecutePurge failed, Error code:2

 [Date Time] : CAFStorDev::PurgeSessionEx(204)Purge session failed, Error code:2

 [Date Time] : *****************************End   Purge session*******************************

AFStorxxxx.log for backup error:

 [Date Time] : CDynamicVHD2::ReadOneBlock(1759)CDynamicVHD2::ReadOneBlock(1759):Error calling SetFilePointerEx[-512]. [EC=131], si:0, BAT:18446744073709551615

 [Date Time] : CDynamicVHD2::ReadInternal(1936): read one block error

 [Date Time] : CDynamicVHD2::Read(2057): ReadInternal error


Apply fix RO53648.

Download the CAZIPXP.EXE utility file to extract the RO53648.CAZ file.

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